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Storm Restoration & Insurance Claims Advocacy

Colorado Roofing Professionals provides services throughout the entire state of Colorado. Our trained and skilled technicians have completed numerous commercial roofing projects valuing quality work over all else.

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The communities throughout Colorado are no strangers to storms, yet, the damages endured and the insurance claim to follow can be disheartening and stressful. As experts in the field, we know there are many preconceived ideas about insurance work and these ideas can limit your ability to get the most value out of your claim. Colorado Roofing Professionals was established specifically to help maximize the value of your insurance claim and minimize the stress that often comes with these types of large property damage claims.

Insurance Claims Advocacy

The storm is over, and your property is worse for the wear, what happens next? If you’ve had claims in the past, you are aware that insurance companies will gladly help you through their claims process because it is in their best interest to do so. Yet, the problem remains that their process often includes you shopping for estimates, which in turn forces contractors to lower bids by offering lesser quality products and service overall. Once all the work is finished, the insurance company is obligated to pay out for the lowest bid regardless of quality or completeness. Our goal at Colorado Roofing Professionals is to prepare a complete, accurate assessment that includes quality service and product that both the insurance company and property owner can confidently accept.

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Storm Restoration

All insurance claims aside, when your property is damaged, we know you need the problem fixed as soon as possible, with the least number of repairs down the road. That’s why, along with handling the whole claims process, we do not require any money to begin work. With expediency and integrity, we work with you through each phase of your project, ensuring the outcome meets our high-quality standards.


Having worked on numerous commercial properties, with roofs of all sizes and all levels of damage throughout the years, we know how demanding and hazardous the installation process can be. By being part of the assessment and claims process we are able to catch more damage before the project starts and recommended quality products for the job. The other benefit of our involvement in the claims process is that when production begins, we are already familiar with your unique situation and know what must be done to get your roof repaired correctly the first time. We are proud to offer top of the line materials and a 20 Year Workmanship Warranty on all labor. Expect the highest quality of work with the least amount of hassle when you work with Colorado Roofing Professionals.

Full Service

While we specialize in commercial roofing projects, we have worked with many property damage claims that require more than just roof restoration. While we may not be the experts in all things siding, windows, paint, and gutters, we do know who the experts are. We are happy to refer out to these experts directly or facilitate your whole restoration project. Either way you can expect the same high-quality service and direct communication throughout your project.

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We are fully prepared to handle the entire claims process, while completing a high-quality roof restoration. We provide you with a free roof estimate, consultation, inspection, report and digital analysis. Serving the entire state of Colorado, call our skilled team today!